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Productive, Organised, Safe Warehouses

To enhance visual organization in the workplace, either a warehouse, factory or plant, aircraft hangar, marking locations in a uniform manner and colour scheme that allows employees to quickly identify areas and potential hazards based on colour. This can greatly enhance workflow, create order, keep employees away from dangerous areas, and mitigate hazards wherever possible in addition to the provided safety benefits.

Mitigating Hazards with Recommended Floor Marking:

How floor marking can protect employees from hazards?

Separate workers from machines and moving equipment:

Use floor marking to designate paths that protect pedestrians from forklifts, electrical panels, heavy machinery, and other hazards.

Warn of hazardous areas:

Keep employees safe on loading docks around dangerous equipment and around areas with exposed edges.

Provide instruction:

Let employees know where to stand (or where to avoid) when operating heavy machinery and other equipment.

Improve forklift safety:

Forklifts are fraught with hazards. Floor marking can establish pedestrian-only paths, keep employees away from imbalanced or unsafe loads, and establish traffic controls for drivers.

Keep employees safe in low-light conditions:

Phosphorescent floor marking and signage can help employees find exits and equipment in emergencies and other low-light situations.

Improving Organization with Recommended Floor Marking:

Floor marking isn’t just a great tool for mitigating hazards and improving safety; it can also improve organization and efficiency.

Establish traffic routes:

Establish aisles for pedestrians and vehicles and direct the flow of traffic; doing so can help employees get where they’re going in a safe, efficient manner.

Use floor marking in your 5S system:

The 5S system aims to improve efficiency, increase organization, and reduce waste-all of which can be facilitated through floor marking. Use symbols, text, and floor marking tape to complement your 5S system.

Designate storage areas:

Floor marking can cordon off areas meant for inventory, PPE, hazardous equipment, forklifts, and other items.