Our customised floor marking is designed not only as functional and suitable for your operational requirements, but also as safety demarcation lines and symbols to protect your workforce, essential in today’s health and safety environment.

Our line marking and stencilling services can accommodate almost any requirement including, walkways, forklift or other vehicle traffic routes, pallet lanes, hatching, work stations, staging areas, basement parking, safety and general information signs, numbers and letters. Our demarcation line marking solutions include the following;

Internal Line Marking

Temporary Line Marking: Tape can be used as a temporary line marker while you test out the organization of your potential floor plan. It’s a lot cheaper to use and much easier to install or remove as needed. If your warehouse is constantly evolving or things are always being moved around from one location to another, then using tape is probably a good choice for you. On the other hand, paint can be used on an unprepared floor and can be stripped off easily when required to.

Permanent Line marking: If you need a more permanent solution, then paint is the optimal choice. Pretty much any type of paint can be used, whether it’s water or oil-based paint; standard paint; epoxy coating that’s sealed with urethane; or even urethane enamel. It just depends on the materials available, which option suits your budget and the needs of your business.

External Line Marking

The external line marking you have reflects the image of your company and compliments your health & safety regime so it is important to get the right solution for the floor surface you have. We ensure that you get the right solution for your external markings, the same way we care about your internal floor markings. There are several product types on the market that are available for external markings. Each one has distinct advantages and disadvantages dependent on the intended use, location, surface type and traffic expectations. Each type can also be broken down into several sub-categories which are listed below.

The principal types are:

  • Hot Applied Thermoplastic
  • Cold Applied/Sprayable Plastic
  • Traffic Paint
  • Tape
  • Temporary materials (these include tapes and paints that can easily be removed when required to)



All foreign matter must be completely removed from the concrete surface to be coated to ensure good bond or adherence. For best adherence of any coating, a concrete surface should be free of oils, waxes and greases and should not dust (that is, readily release powder when a finger is drawn over it). We recommend and ensure the surface has the texture of medium grade sandpaper for most of the coatings that we use.

We also offer floor cleaning services for all types of floors. This is one critical area in our line of work as cleanliness of a floor greatly contributes to the durability of floor markings.


In addition to the installation of floor markings, we also offer removal of floor markings by either sand blasting, sanding, wire brush grinding or using chemical paint stripping. The method we use depends on the nature of site and condition of the markings to be removed. All our removal techniques are safe and some can be carried out around the ongoing operations.


One of the best ways to visually communicate safety and informational messages is through the use of floor signage. Typically painted onto the floor or made from an industrial PVC or vinyl, these signs can use graphics and written text to relay information that is not obvious from floor lines and markings alone. These signs are often used for safety alerts, directional information, and marking resting locations for items such as trash cans, rolling toolboxes, and pallet jacks.

The use of multiple high-impact floor signs throughout a facility or work area can greatly increase awareness to your message.

We are suppliers and installers of a variety of SABS approved workplace safety signs in adherence to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. These include:


  • Handrail Barriers              
  • Steel Barriers         
  • Rack End Barriers          
  • Racking & Shelving
  • Systems
  • Machine Guards     
  • Steel Rack
  • Protectors 
  • Rack Guards 
  • Steel Partitioning
  • Post & Column
  • Protectors 
  • Bollards     
  • Traffic Calming