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Keeping the area clear is one way to utilize floor markings in aisle ways and happens to be one of the most important aspects of maintaining aisles in the workplace. Take for example if there were boxes, trash, and product strewn out on a pathway. This scenario creates a dangerous space for not only busy workers, but also may obstruct machines like forklifts that may need to pass through. Marking pathways with industrial floor marking tape and floor marking signs is a good use for this kind of problem as it clearly defines the need for only allowing pedestrians and forklifts on the runway. This is also a prime example of working towards following 5S recommendations to improve workplace safety.

Improving productivity levels is no easy task when it comes to a bustling and crowded workplace. However, with the right tools and information, this to-do can be much less of a headache than what was initially imagined. The answer is floor marking.

Marking floors lines, symbols or signs is one of the best ways to foster an informative, and therefore, productive workplace. This enhances visual communication between workers and their surrounding environment. Visual communication is a must if anything is to be done accurately and efficiently. Otherwise, there will be countless confused employees struggling to figure out where objects and products belong, where they need to be moved to for the next step, and even having trouble keeping themselves out of danger.

Floor markings are used for many different things in the workplace, but the most common is likely to improve safety. A good floor marking strategy can dramatically reduce the risks of accidents and injuries in just about every industry. There are many ways that these markings can reduce the risks in the workplace and understanding all of them can help get the most out of this valuable tool.

  • Improved Visual Communication
  • Increasing Traction in Wet Areas
  • Directing Foot & Vehicle Traffic
  • Sound Marking Strategies

Floor markings can be used in many different environments ranging from offices to industrial manufacturing environments. Finding the right types of markings for each situation is important to the success of any strategy. For manufacturing facilities where forklifts, high-lows, and other heavy equipment is used, it is critical to find the most durable floor markings possible.

Options like floor marking paints that are used in lower impact areas can’t stand up to the heavy traffic and other issues. If a forklift drags over the paint, it will chip and scrape it up, causing a need for the paint to be reapplied every few months. This, obviously, isn’t going to be an effective solution. Even some floor marking tape isn’t designed to stand up to this type of abuse on a daily basis. For harsh environments, there are specially designed floor marking options that should be chosen, and Warehouse Demarcation is of much help in this area.

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